Information and instructions for the connection with Specter

When you create a product, the product data is sent in real time to Specter's system. Similarly, when you delete a product, the product is also deleted in Specter's system.
When a customer creates an account, the customer data is sent in real time to Specter's system. Likewise, when the customer updates their information, then the information is also updated in Specter's system.
When a customer places an order in your store, orders are registered, in addition to the store, also in Specter's system.
When installing the connection, a web address is sent to Specter, which is called automatically every time there is a stock change in Spector's system. When the URL is called, the stock balance in the store is updated with the current stock balance from Specter's system. You can also update the inventory balance manually by going to admin "Catalog & Products" > "Categories / Products" and click on the "Update Stock" button.

After installation, you can easily export all products and customers to Specter:



If you have the module "inventory management advanced" and want to export attributes to Specter:

(add the address to your administration page before, for example, http: // www .dindomä / administration / export_products.php )

Note: If you have Klarna in your store, you must from now on activate the invoice from Specter's system.

Send order confirmation from Specter instead of from the web shop.
I admin > "Settings & Design" > "Specter", click on "Send order confirmation from SBM" and then "change". Change from "false" to "true".

If you want to import product data from Specter into the web shop
I admin > "Settings&Design" > "Specter" you must set "Import products from Specter" to "true".
On the same page, you can set "Should article group create category" if the article group to which the product belongs is to be created as a category. If this setting is "false", all the products will be placed in the top category (if there are new products that are not in the web shop before) and you may move the products to the respective category.
If the above setting is set to "true", you can change the value to "Whether to set item group category as active or inactive" which determines whether the category should be displayed in the "enabled" store or be hidden from the store and only displayed in admin "disabled". < br /> "Move the product to the article group category when updating", set to "true" if existing products in the store are to be moved to the category created based on the article group.
If you only want to import the price, set "Import price only" to "true".
Once you have set "Import products from Specter" to "true", you can go to the address www.dindomä / get_specter_articles.php (replace www.dindomä with the address of your store) to download the products from Specter. Note: this only needs to be done the first time. When you then make a change to a product in Specter, Specter will automatically make a call to that file.

Delete products
In the web shop, you can choose to delete products only from the web shop or both from the web shop and Specter. By setting "Delete from Specter" to "true" (default) in admin > "Settings&Design" > "Specter" deletes the product from both the web shop and Specter. If "Delete from Specter" is set to "false", the product will only be deleted from the web shop.

Transfer of customers from webshop to Specter
-------------------------------------------------- -
When a customer creates an account or edits account information, this information is sent to Specter in real time. In this way, there is always the same information in the shop as in the store. An important thing you should keep in mind is not to edit the customer information in Specter because you have to manually change the same information in the shop. There is an exception and this applies to information that can not be changed in the shop, e.g. priority and responsible salesperson.
So customer information can not be sent from Specter to the shop, but the information can be sent from the shop to Specter.
When customer information is sent from the shop to Specter, Specter checks if the customer is already in the customer register at Specter, if this is the case, the customer is not re-created in Specter. The check that Specter does is performed on the personal / corporate number and e-mail address. A novelty in version 3 of our connection is that you can tell Specter not to perform this check on personal / corporate number and / or e-mail address. Specter is told about this by setting "Ignore control of personal / orgnr" to "true" and / or "Ignore checking of e-mail address" to "true" in admin > "Settings&Design" > "Specter".

Note! Only change these if you know what they mean!

Manage orders
When an order is placed in the store, the order is sent to Specter.
There is some news in version 3 of our connection to Specter in terms of order handling:
- You can now change the order in Specter and when you save the changes, these are sent to the shop and the order is updated in the shop. An example is that you can change the order status of the order in Specter and the order in the shop gets the same order status.
- You can set that orders that you delete in the shop will also be deleted in Specter. This is done by setting "Delete order" to "true" in admin> "Settings & Design"> "Specter".

If an order fails to be sent to Specter, you can resend the order to Specter. To do this, go to admin> "Customers & Orders"> "Orders" (or admin> "Sales"> "Orders") and click on the order that is missing in Specter. At the far right under "Payment method: ..." information is displayed on why the order failed to be transferred to Specter. Under this information there is a button "Transfer order" which you click on to send the order to Specter. If the order is transferred, the text and button under "Payment method: ..." will disappear. If it does not disappear, it means that the order failed to be transferred to Specter. Then you should wait a while and then click on "transfer order" again. If the text still does not disappear, you should contact us.