Instructions - Swish

Go to "Payment and shipping method" in the shop's admin, click on "Swish". Press "install", then change. Click "No" to offer payment via Swish. Write in your Swish number and enter the zone you want to offer Swish for, Sweden is recommended. If necessary, change other settings as you wish. Then click "Refresh" to save your changes.

Then go to "Settings and Design" and click on "Swish CSR". Then click on update to create a CSR. Copy the text of this CSR.

Then log in to and click "New certificate". Paste the text you copied above, select the PEM format and click "Generate".

Now copy the text you got back.

Then go to "Swish Cert" under "Settings and Design" and paste the text you received above. Click "Save" to save.

Now go back to the payment methods and click on Swish and change the setting to "Yes" on offering Swish payment.

Now create a test product that costs one Swedish kronor, no shipping, and order it. Open the Swish app immediately after ordering and there will be a payment request pending. Pay it and wait a few seconds. Then go to the orders in admin and check that the order is paid. If not, wait a few more seconds and reload the page. Has not been marked as paid after a few minutes, you must reload the page to reload the status, contact our support.

If everything worked as it should, you can remove the test product and continue using Swish. If not, select "No" to offer Swish as payment and contact our support. Do not uninstall Swish completely, then the whole procedure must be repeated.

Before you can get Swish, you need to order the module via