We already have a domain (registered with eg Loopia or someone else) that we want to link to the store

There are several options:

1. Make a simple link to yourstore.talexshop.com

2. Through the admin page for Loopia, One and others. you can easily point yourdomain.xx to our server. * Then we can redo the address of the store so that customers only see yourdomain.xx in the address box. DNS and e-mail are managed at e.g. Surftown or Loopia but all www pages (the store) are with us.

3. Do you want to keep yourdomain.xx with e.g. Surftown, One or Loopia, as well as having a web host there for something else, you can instead create a subdomain via their site for free (eg shop.yourdomain or shop.yourdomain) and point it at us. *

4. You can move everything to us. We fix it all. Web hosting, FTP and email are included in all our packages. See https://www.talex.se/e-handelslosning for more information.


* Contact us for detailed instructions on how to do it. Enter the domain name in the email.