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Privacy Policy, GDPR, and Cookies

Privacy Policy, GDPR & Cookies At Talex, we protect our customers’ privacy and security. Our Data Protection Policy explains how we collect and use your personal data and what rights you have against us. Please note that Talex e-commerce system is GDPR compliant for those of you who are a customer and have Talex version 12.2 or later. [Read more]( Talex Privacy Policy, GDPR & Cookies Last Updated On 12-Nov-2022 Effective Date 12-Nov-...

Terms and policies

Thank you for learning more about our terms and policies. Here you will find, among other things, our general terms and conditions and information on how we protect your data ( If you still have questions after reading them, please contact us.

Talex API

With the Talex API, other systems can affect and take part in, among other things, customer registers, order lists, manufacturers, suppliers, etc. The connection can also be used for integration with business systems and similar. Talex already has ready-made connections to the most common business systems. Talex API is used for third-party systems where there is no complete connection or where you want a tailored solution between Talex e-commerce and another system. You need to hire a prog...


Our agreement is available at

Notice to quit (terminate)

Our cancellation form is available here as an attached pdf You can also send a regular letter or e-mail, but we want a signature to be sure that you represent the company that has a webshop with us.

Transfer of your e-store

Customer may not transfer the agreement without written permission from Talex. The fee for the transfer is added according to the agreement and is paid by the new tenant. How to do it? 1. Fill in this form (

Refund from Talex of (incorrectly) paid fees or money back guarantee

Refunds from Talex of incorrectly paid fees such as double payment or money back guarantee after reporting from the customer and approval of Talex shall take place on the last working day of the month thereafter.