Own directory structure when importing from an external API

When importing from an external API, there are different ways to do it. It is usually not possible to change methods easily in the import, but it is usually easy to modify how it should behave.

3 differents options to make your own structure:

1. You create a directory in the root of the shop called for example "_import", then a subdirectory is created there with the company name you want to import from, for example "vidaXL".
When an import takes place, all new products and categories are created there.
You then move the products you want manually to your own catalog structure from there.
It is important to create new directories and not reuse the ones created automatically, otherwise they can be renamed or moved.


2. You import at the root of the shop and the catalog structure is kept the same but the catalogs are hidden.
This is as above, but not its own import catalog.
You should create new catalogs yourself and move the products where you want them.


3. You import at the root of the shop and let all products and catalogs have the same name as they did when importing and put all catalogs and products to active (exclude those that the company you import from want as inactive, such as outgoing products).
This way you can have everything automatically and do not have to think about new products or moving them.
If there is an update or change of catalog structure or similar upon import, this is changed directly in the shop upon import.
New products are also activated automatically.

The important thing is if you create a catalog structure yourself that you only move the products, not the catalogs that have been imported.