Product Import/Export - how do I work with the export/import file (English)

After you have checked that the structure of the export/imort file (called export template below) matches the structure that must be used, can you begin to import your products.

1. Open Microsoft Excel and create a new work sheet
2. Click then on "Data" in the menu and choose "import external data"
3. Choose your export template and click on 'open'
4. In the section for type of data choose seperated values/fields.
5. In the menu "File type" choose "1252 : Western European (Windows)".
6. Click on next "Next".
7. In the section "seperator" choose "Tab" and also "Semicolon".
8. Click on next "Next" and then finish/apply
9. If you get a window asking "where should your data be placed" just click on ok.
10. Now your data from the exportfile is inserted in your excel worksheet. You can now work with the file.


Please remember: The last column must always have the characters "EOREOR" in capitals When you place a product in a category that you already have created the category's name must be spelt EXACTLY as you did in the shop (if you mispell a new category will be created)

You can create a new category that you would like in the shop simply by writing the new category name.

When you have finished working in excel and wish to import the data, do as follows:

1. Click on the menu and chose "Save as" .
2. Choose where you wish to save your file. 3. Give the file a name in the box "filename". 4. IMPORTANT! In filetype in the meny choose SKV/SCV (Semi colon values). This is the fileformat required in order to import the data to your shop. 5. Click on Save 6. Go to admin in your shop and then Product import/export. Follow the instructions there to import your file.