Payson - information, prices, instructions, how do I do

Payson's fees can be found at

Before you can start charging with Payson, you need to create a Payson account (if you do not already have one). You must also apply for Agent Integration. You do this by logging in to your Payson account and clicking on "Agent application" under the tab "For companies".

Once you have done that, do the following:
Go to admin > Payment&Shipping > Payment method and click on Payson and then "change".
In the field "Activate the Payson module" you change to "True".
In the field "Store Payson Account (SellerEmail)" enter the e-mail address that you have linked to your Payson account.
In the field "AgentID" you enter your AgentID and in the field "MD5 key" you enter your MD5 key. You will receive this information from Payson after you have made an agent application.
Then click "refresh".
Payson Invoice is also available and can be purchased at.
Start-up cost Talex SEK 600, Monthly cost Talex: SEK 40