Payment methods

Klarna checkout (KCO) is always included in Talex e-commerce

Klarna Checkout (KCO) is a very popular payment solution that gives most conversions. Regardless of whether your customers use desktop or mobile devices Klarna Checkout adapts to the device. No matter the size of your shop Talex and Klarna Checkout gives all online retailers the opportunity to get the best converting complete checkout solution on the market – including the same checkout solution used by the largest e-stores. Ready to go, without any additional costs or technical integrations!...

Payson - install instructions

Before you can start using payson as a payment method you will need to create an Payson account,( if you do not already have one). You also have to apply for agent integration, you do so by logging into your payson account and click on "Agentansökan" under the tab "För företag" When that is settled you follow the following instructions; Go to your admin area -> payment and shipping methods -> payment method. Click on payson, and then "change". In the field "Activate" change the value t...

Payson invoice

Offer your customers payment by invoice. Payson manages the entire process, from credit check and invoice mailing to reminders and follow-up. You always get paid and Payson takes credit and fraud risk. Start cost Talex SEK 600, Monthly cost Talex: SEK 40 Note requires separately agreement with Payson to provide Payson invoice! Learn more about Payson's invoice solution here (