Other payment methods in addition to Klarna

The most common payment methods for e-commerce are:

1) Invoice (most popular via Klarna)
2) Card payments
3) Direct bank payments (invoice / bill paid via internet banking)
4) Advance payment to bank giro / postal giro account or eg Swish
5) Cash on delivery, paid when the item is picked up
6) Payment by SMS or phone
7) Installment / installment payment

With Talex e-commerce system, it is possible to combine several payment methods, which makes it possible to offer several opportunities for the customer to choose the option that best suits the customer.
If you sell outside Sweden, you can offer different payment methods for different countries, i.e. that you can offer e.g. invoice and advance payment for one country, cash on delivery and advance payment for one country and the rest can only pay by card.

In addition to Klarna, Talex supports (among others) Paypal , Payson incl. Payson checkout 2 , Svea Webpay , Dibs card payment and internet banking.
Swish information can be entered as an advance payment.
We also have an invoice module linked to an automatic credit report at Creditsafe.

Read more at https://webshop.talex.se/betalningslosningar-c-103.html