Design, Color & Layout - Version 11

Version 11 is Responsive and developed so that you can influence the design even more yourself.

The basic settings:
admin > Settings & Design > Design, Color & Layout

Store width
The store width can be specified either in pixels "1000" or percent "100%".

Full page header *
If "Full page header" is activated to "Yes", both header & footer will fill the page all the way to the edges.
If "Full page header" is activated to "No", both header & footer will only fill the Store width.

Choose the color of the store: dark.css (Default theme) *
Here you can choose several different themes, each theme has a different color and if you want to change the theme, the changes are saved until the next time you open it.
All themes can also be found in:
Tools > File Manager > CSS (If you want to code CSS in advance)

Background header (! HEADERBACKGROUND!)
Red marked = The area affected



Standard color 1 (! COLOR1!)
Standard color 2 (! COLOR2!)
Standard color 3 (! COLOR3!)

The default colors are used for several things depending on which theme is activated.
Do you change e.g. color on a standard color, that standard color can also be found on more segments in the store.
To change which segments a standard color affects, you need knowledge in css or that you contact support if there is time in the time bank (service card).
In the CSS files you then need to replace! COLOR1 !,! COLOR2! and! COLOR3 !.
(Buy service card here >>

Background (! BACKGROUND1!)
You select the background color in the color swirl after pressing "change".
If you want to add a background image, enter: url (/files/bildnamn.jpg).
You can upload the wallpaper via the file manager under Tools > File manager
Make sure the image name has the same name as the uploaded image.

Footer color (! FOOTERCOLOR!)
Red marked = The area in the background that is affected


Padding outside the store (Padding)

    Example 1: 0px Filling outside the store                                Example 2: 10px Filling outside the store



Standard type of product list
There are 2 types of product lists to choose from. "columns" and "list"





Read this if the instructions above are not correct in your store
In Talex version 11.2, the settings are marked with * removed.
You no longer choose an entire color theme in the store. Instead, you can change the layout of the header, left menu and product page:
admin > "Settings & Design" > "Themes"