How do I get my logo displayed in the store?

1. If you do not have the logo ready, create it with any image editing program (Paint, Photoshop, etc.)
The logo must be called logo.jpg. (In older stores)
In V.11, the logo must be in PNG format.

2. Upload the logo with the File Manager (admin> File Manager).
In V.11, you upload the logo via admin> Settings & Design> Store logo

3. Your logo is now displayed in the store.

In previous stores (before V11.)
NOTE! The logo MUST be in JPG format. It is not possible to create e.g. a TXT file and rename it to logo.jpg.
If you use Paint to create the logo, keep in mind that you will need to rename the .JPG file extension to .jpg (lowercase).

In test store, V11 and onwards.
The logo must be in PNG format.
We do not provide support for how you should do to create the logo itself.