Guidelines for design

Delivery time for e-commerce systems with standard functions is approximately 1-2 working days after we have received your payment.
Afterwards we can start customizing the design and features as desired.

Meanwhile, you don’t have to wait for us!
You can add a logo, all categories & products, product texts, slide shows, page content and footer text. You will find all this in admin.

1. Add products
Before we can begin to draw the design, it’s important that you add the above content in store. Also add:
- Settings regarding the store name.
- Your contact info (e-mail etc.).
- All main categories.
- At least 4 products.
- And optionally some special offers.

Also make test orders to explore the features bestseller and order history.

If you want to use the slide show it’s important that you add pictures to it.

We need products and mail categories to get an overall view of what the store will look like when we design a first draft.

2. Then you give us info/ documentation of how you want your design.
You can for example show us another shop on the internet with a design that you like.
But keep in mind, it only includes design. No extra functions or effects are included in our design packages, other than those already found in Talex (but you can of course always purchase extra functions or effects separately)

3. A first draft for approval is delivered
about 3-5 working days after we have received your payment and info/ documentation as 1 and 2 above.

4. We show you the design we have created
(Approximately 6-10 working days after approval of the first draft.)
We understand that things may not be entirely right on the first try.
Therefore, in this step you get a chance to give us your opinions on things you do not like in the design.
For the work to run smoothly, Talex requires feedback and comments within two working days.
It must be sumorized by the customer in ONE document or in ONE post in a ticket.

5. We show you the finalized version of the shop
(Approximately 6-10 working days after previous steps)
The ticket is closed.
You can still buy more features.

Note: You will provide material for product images, logos, slideshows, etc.
If you want us to create images that you for some reason cannot do yourself, we charge an extra fee for this.

There is always a certain margin of error in design implementation. Eg. that an image is a few pixels wrong or the design has very small color shifts. The customer should be aware that it is not possible to recreate a .psd or design to 100% and that this is not an error in the service.
After approving this, the customer can not refer to any differences with the .psd or the initial design.