Insert image and link to a web page

Read how to insert image on >> Here.

1. Open a new window in the browser and go to the page you want to link to.
2. Copy the web page address by right-clicking the address in the browser's address bar and clicking Copy.
3. Go to the place where you inserted the image (eg Page and text manager> select the page with the image on> change, or Catalog & Products> select category / product> change)
4. Select the image you want to link by clicking on it. Then click on the icon with a link in the HTML toolbar.
5. In the page you get now, paste the web page address (which you copied earlier) in the field "Link URL".
    In the "Window" menu, select how the page is to be opened when you click on the link, e.g. opens in a new window.
    In the field "Title", write a descriptive text about the page to which the link leads (Title is good for search engine optimization).
6. Click on "Create"
7. Clear!

If you see a blue frame around the image and you do not want it there, follow the instructions on >> Here