Text Editing & File Management

Create additional pages / instructions for the page manager

Instructions for the page manager admin >> Page manager Change a page Select the page you want to change and: - Click "Change" to type much like in word - different colors, add pictures, etc. - Click "Preview" then "Refresh" to save. Create new page Click "New Page" to create a new page. The pages can be activated and deactivated (for future use) by clicking on the status light. Read this if the instructions above are not correct in your store For older versions...

New line (only one and not two)

If you hold down the 'shift' key while clicking on 'enter' or 'return', you will only get ONE new line and not two.

Upload extra images and / or files, which you can link to

To upload files, do the following: - Go to your control panel - Click File Manager (in Tools) - Click on the "Upload" button - You can upload a maximum of five files at a time. Click "Browse" (or "Select File") to download the file you want to upload. - Then click on the "Upload" button. - The files have now been uploaded to the server and placed in the files folder.

It is not possible to insert a table or use any of the buttons for color, images, etc.

For the HTML text editor (insert tables) and such to work, you must allow e.g. VB script and javascipt run. The easiest way is to add http: //yourstore.xx as a 'reliable' site Internet Explorer >> tools >> internet options >> security >> trusted locations >> Locations >> add and type http: //address.to your store. Then much more should work as it should. Bl.a. you see 'OK' when you insert a table.

Insert image on the page

To insert an image on the page, follow these steps: If you have a store before 2008 or write a newsletter - Go to the control panel and then to the Page and Text Manager, edit product / category or newsletter - Click on the image that represents a board in the html tool. - A new window will now open - Enter the address of the image in the field image URL (the address must start with / files / and then the name of the image eg image.jpg) - Enter an associated text for the image in t...

Insert image and link to a web page

Read how to insert image on >> Here (https://support.talex.se/844000-Insert-image-on-the-page). 1. Open a new window in the browser and go to the page you want to link to. 2. Copy the web page address by right-clicking the address in the browser's address bar and clicking Copy. 3. Go to the place where you inserted the image (eg Page and text manager> select the page with the image on> change, or Catalog & Products> select category / product> change) 4. Select the image y...

Insert embedded media, such as Youtube

Note! The instructions apply from version 9.1. If you have an earlier version, v.g. create a support case. Note! This feature may not work correctly in Internet Explorer 9 (maybe even earlier versions). However, the feature works well in Firefox and Chrome. In admin when you write your category or product description (or create your own page in the CMS / Page and text manager) you have an icon in the HTML tool that looks like a movie roll (line 3, third from the right). By clicking on...