DIBS www.dibs.se Dibs Payment Services

Receive payments on the Internet by bank and credit card, direct payment via Internet bank payment, loyalty card, etc.

DIBS offers several different package solutions and in the larger packages you can negotiate the transaction cost.
Support for multiple languages ​​and currencies.

How much does it cost ?

see https://www.dibs.se
* You can choose between DIBS Start, Bass or DIBS Premium

How do I do it?

Contact Dibs and tell them that you are a Talex customer .

Dibs will guide you right.
First you need a so-called redemption agreement (which you also need in a physical store). Dibs helps !

Step 2 - Agreement with DIBS
DIBS is the company that has the secure software for payments on the Internet which i.a. SEB and Euroline use.
Step 3 - Implementation
When steps 1 and 2 are complete, order the integration at https: //webshop.talex .se / dibs-integration-p-182.html