How do I do with shipping?

It can be a little difficult to get the shipping you want. We always help!

Only after ordering your store will we contact you to hear how you want to do with shipping.
The following options are available:
1) free shipping (on everything, always)
2) by weight (linked to the record), then you must enter the weight for each product (at the bottom of the product editing page). Obs. decimals e.g. half a kilo must be entered as 0.5 (dot. do not enter characters)
3) Fixed price per order
4)% of order value
5) X: - for all orders up to e.g. 500: -, then xx: - between 501-1000: - etc

(Numb. 4 and 5 are add-on modules and must be installed by us first, free of charge)

If you want to charge shipping, do you want to offer free shipping over a certain amount (eg 1000 :-)?