Shipping - Shipping ladder, shipping by weight, shipping fee

1. What shipping costs do you want to charge?

Below we explain how the shipping steps are structured and how to enter the shipping cost for different weights.
A freight ladder for Sweden can e.g. look like this:
3: 50.5: 75.10: 100.20: 200.30: 300.50: 500.100: 1000
This means that if the total weight in the shopping cart is less than or equal to 3, the shipping cost is SEK 50, if the total weight is greater than 3, but less than or equal to 5, the shipping cost will be SEK 75, and so on.

The structure is thus: the weight limit is followed by a colon which is followed by the shipping cost. Each step in the steps is separated by a comma.
It is also possible to write decimals in the price with a period (not commas!)
(eg 3: 50.40 for it to be exactly SEK 63 incl. VAT)
Note! Always state the shipping cost excluding VAT.

You can use fixed shipping by e.g. ange 9999: 31


2. To which countries do you want to be able to send and what should the shipping steps look like for these countries (several countries can have the same shipping ladder)?

You can enter countries in "Countries" in the same "Zone" you have written a freight ladder. Write country codes with a comma between each country. Country codes (ISO code) can be found in admin> "Settings & Design"> "Allowed countries".
It is possible to have 4 different zones with different shipping ladders and associated countries.