Shipping method for individual products

This module allows you to specify which shipping methods the product should be allowed to use.

How it works:

Admin> "Catalog & Products"> "Categories / Products"> create new / edit existing product.
There is a list of all installed shipping methods along with a check box for each shipping method.
Check all shipping methods that the product should be allowed to use.

- Not ticking any check box is the same as ticking all check boxes. All shipping methods will then be available for the product.
- The shipping method must be activated in admin> "Payment and shipping method"> "Shipping" to be displayed in the store.
- Make sure that you do not set up the products in such a way that they cannot be bought together. For example. if you set Product A to use only Shipping Mode 1 and set Product B to only use Shipping Mode 2. If customers then buy Product A and Product B together, there is no shipping method to choose from at checkout.

To use the module, you first need to order it >> Here