Order confirmation

Order confirmation is a specification of what should or has been delivered.
Order confirmation is only a confirmation that the supplier has confirmed (ie accepted the customer's order). You can usually ignore the order confirmation because it is enough to send an invoice with the delivery. But on Talex webshop it is sent because customers feel more secure when they receive a confirmation that the order has been processed, even if it says "The order has been completed" and so on. on the last page of the ordering process.
They get their order number etc. on the email and do not have to write it down by hand for future needs.
When it comes to information about what should be included on the order confirmation, there is no requirement.

There can be many reasons why an order does not lead to an invoice / receipt.
It can be cancellation of orders both from the supplier resp. the customer. There is simply no legislation that regulates how an order should be handled per se. On the other hand, the concept of invoice resp. receipt described in law and on the Swedish Tax Agency's website.

Invoice acts as a receipt.
When customers pay against cash on delivery, they receive a receipt of the mail.
When customers pay by card, they receive a receipt from the card payment company.

You should never hand out a receipt before the purchase is complete, which is only when payment is made and the products are delivered.

Most people choose to leave a receipt (or invoice) in the package with the products sent, the invoice acts as a receipt when it is paid.