Prevent customers from ordering sold out products

Here are instructions on how to prevent customers from ordering out-of-stock products.

Go to admin > Settings > Warehouse.

Here are three parameters that control whether the customer should be able to order products or not.
- Check stock level: if this is set to "Yes", the stock level of the products is checked and you will receive a message if the product is sold out. The value for this parameter must be "Yes".
- Subtract stock: if this is set to "Yes", the stock balance on the product is subtracted by the number ordered by the customer. If the customer orders 5 copies of a product, the stock balance is subtracted by 5. The value of this parameter must be "Yes".
- Allow to place an order: if this is set to "Yes", the customer can place an order even if the product the customer orders is sold out. The value of this parameter must be "No".

To change the parameter value, click on the parameter name, e.g. "Check stock level", and then click on the "change" button in the green / gray table on the right.

Then change the value by clicking in the round box for one of the options.

Then click on the "refresh" button.

Read this if the instructions above are not correct in your store
It may say "true" and "false" in your store instead of "Yes" and "No". In that case, "true" means "Yes" and "false" means "No".