Moving help

Moving/changing to Talex e-commerce platform is simple.
Many move to us because our e-store solution is a comprehensive online store solution.
"Relocation" costs nothing for premium packages (yearly payment) or max package.

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What we need from you:
1. You need to make sure the data is available to us (in the form of csv or excel).
Product register must contain an item number for image transfer to be possible.
2. An Excel spreadsheet (or csv) with the image name in one column and the product's item number that the image belongs to in another (or if you rename your images to the part number we do not need the file).
Filer and images should be delivered as one compressed file (eg zip) on CD/DVD alt to Talex dropbox.
 3. A list of your main and important old URLs and where they should be pointed to with your new shop, we'll do the rest (via 301-redirect). Otherwise all urls will be redirected to the start page as standard.

We import free only once, so make sure that any data you give us is current.
NOTE: unless these requirements are met can not move at this price but for an hourly rate.