Help! My shop / page is down?!

Help! My shop / page is down ?!

1. Down for everyone or just me?

The first thing you can do is check via a web service if the page can be accessed from other sites, one is .

Should it say that the page is " Offline! " then there is a risk that your page will not be accessible by anyone.

If it says " Online! " there is probably a problem between you and the web server.

2. The page is written as 'Offline'

If the page is down and the web service says it is "Offline!" then you should check out our Operational Information if we have an ongoing maintenance job or known issue. Also check your email if we have sent you information.

Also check that you have paid ev. renewal for the domain name. If you have name servers via another & nbsp; other / external party & nbsp; (not ours) you should also check that they have no problem.

3. All operating information is OK and the domain name is paid

If you do not find an explanation for why your page is down, you can contact support, but always make sure to check these steps first.