GDPR for Talex e-merchants

Talex is GDPR compliant

If you want to know more about how Talex handles your information as a customer with us, you can read more at Privacy and Marketing Policy (GDPR)

Talex is GDPR adapted for you who have Talex commerce (version 12.2 or later)

Is Talex Personal Data Assistant or Personal Data Manager?

We are responsible for the personal data we collect about you as a customer. But for the personal data you store in our services, you are responsible for personal data and there you need to ensure that you meet the legal requirements for you for processing the personal data. Datainspektionen has a good guide that describes what you need to think about when you hire a cloud provider.

Can Talex sign our assistant contract?

We understand that you want to get the same legal wording both for your customer and your suppliers and that you often order both a personal data assistant agreement for your customers and a sub-assistant agreement for your subcontractors. However, we will not be able to review and sign hundreds of different assistant agreements with our customers, but you will need to follow the method that the Data Inspectorate describes here for cloud services . Where they say you need a Personal Data Assistant Agreement from us. And that together with this and our standard agreement , personuppgiftspolicy and how we handle security may otherwise make an overall assessment if we meet the requirements you have on you.

Can I store this personal information in your services?

We have done our best to meet the requirements of GDPR. You can read about this in our personal data assistant agreement & nbsp; and our policy for handling personal data . What you yourself choose to store in our services and how you store it, we have a hard time controlling, but we only provide the platform that is GDPR adapted. However, it is still quite possible to store personal data incorrectly in our platform despite this. If you are unsure of what requirements are placed on you and how you can meet them in our services, we recommend that you contact the Data Inspectorate or lawyers who specialize in your industry to e.g. review our agreements and provide you with a supplementary appendix with instructions if necessary.

How should I handle email storage?

Your & nbsp; emails often contain personal information and should therefore also be taken into account when complying with the new data protection law. Datainspektionen has a good guide here on how to reason around this.

What do I / we need to do?

You need to adjust your terms of purchase to comply with the GDPR, if you save info and why you save isf.
You already have the option in your Talex webshop, to delete, edit or anonymize customer information with eg 'xxxx' and deactivate an account customer.
Newsletters may NOT be booked by default either. You should change it under settings if you have it that way today.


You should encrypt the traffic to your Talex online store by activating / ordering https / SSL. See Digitized via Talex or Let's Encrypt (Let's Encrypt requires the latest version of Talex)
Get your customers and employees to use SSL in their mail clients when they connect to the mail server. You can examine how to activate it in the instructions for each email client / supplier. If you use webmail, you only need to make sure that the page's URL (address) starts with https: // and has a padlock in the address bar. Do you have e-mail at & nbsp; Talex are the right ports to use for SSL encrypted traffic these: IMAP 993 | SMTP 465 | & nbsp; POP 995

Read more about security at cookies /

Read more about the GDPR / Data Protection Regulation

At there is brief information for small businesses about GDPR. There is also a good question guide that addresses the most important basics. Answer the questions in the guide and you will find out what your company should think about and do to comply with the GDPR.

More information about the Data Protection Ordinance / GDPR can be found at Datainspektionen's website .

Can I ask you my GDPR questions?

You are responsible for the personal data you store about your customers, so you are responsible for complying with the GDPR in your collection and storage of this Personal Data. And there, the agreements with Talex are only part of the answer. We refer to the Privacy Protection Authority (formerly the Data Inspectorate) for more information on how you follow the law. They have tex. a excellent introduction for personal data manager here .

For questions regarding Talex processing of personal data and adaptation to GDPR, please contact us:

Talex AB
Kivra: 556711-5844, 106 31, Stockholm. SE

It may take some time then because GDPR is an important issue where we do not want to give hasty answers.

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